Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today, TK Learned:

... that he loves learning about insider trading law.
  • Michelle Rhee had ups and downs as a D.C. Chancellor of Education. [Washington Post]
  • High housing cost leads to decline in fertility. Very applicable to Korea. [The Economist]
  • Why do people still think Groupon is a multi-billion dollar business? How is it different from the junk mail that you throw out of your mailbox every day? [New York Times]
  • You would think people would favor distributive justice during a recession, but the opposite is true. [Marginal Revolution]
  • Illegal immigrants are leaving Alabama and Georgia, crops are rotting in the field, but unemployment is still high. But dey took our jerbs, right? [The Economist]
  • Technical proficiency first, creativity second: "Once you learn the technique, then you can be a creative cook ... [y]ou have no choice as a professional chef:  you have to repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat until it becomes part of yourself:" [New York Times]
  • Urban Dictionary has a definition of "oppa". [Urban Dictionary]
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