Monday, October 17, 2011

Today, TK Learned:

... that he is well past the age when he could comfortably eat an entire Chipotle burrito.
  • Libertarians have a startling tendency to apologize for autocracy. [Salon]
  • What does moral absolutism look like? Make sure to read the underlying article by Prof. Jeremy Waldron. [Opinio Juris]
  • Ivy League is Indian students' safety school. [New York Times]
  • The Korean always knew that Korea's minimum wage was low, but it's pretty stark when represented as a graph comparing against other countries. [Financial Times]
  • Although this author focuses more on looking for the outliers, the overall trend is clear:  excellent working memory and deliberate practice are usually required for greatness. [Scientific American]
  • Did the union make flight attendants less attractive? One thing to consider -- Korea's airlines are also highly unionized, but their flight attendants far, far surpasses those of American flight attendants in term of attractiveness. [USA Today]
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  1. As a percentage of GDP per capita, Korea's is lower than other countries, but not shockingly low. I think regular increases would be a good thing, but it's not an utter travesty.

    Here are the numbers for other developed countries:

    France, Belgium - 53
    Netherlands - 48
    Canada - 44
    Portugal - 40
    Greece, South Korea, Taiwan - 38
    Austria - 37
    Japan - 35
    America - 33
    Czech Republic - 28

  2. TK, above all I'm impressed by your eating prowess: that sucker is about 1000 calories!!

  3. Madloco:

    My hunch is that it's the volume that matters, not the calorie count.

    Or it could be something else. Maybe TK is getting old enough to be eaten back by his own food?

  4. I'm a longtime AAK! reader, and this was one of the rare posts that disappointed. What does it matter what flight attendants look like if they are good at their jobs? Instead of complaining that American flight attendants are not as attractive as their Korean counterparts, shouldn't we fight against the casual sexism that has us, as a society, judging a female worker on her appearance rather than her job performance?


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