Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today, TK Learned:

... that yawning could dislocate your jaw. Almost happened twice today.
  • IBM Korea is making an effort to hire LGBT candidates. [The Economist]
  • According to World Bank, Korea is 8th easiest place to do business in the world. [World Bank: Doing Business]
  • African American sellers on eBay get 20% less for the same product. [Chris Blattman]
  • Japanese is not an imprecise language at all, and other observations about translating Murakami. [The Atlantic]
  • Camera maker Olympus is involved in some suspicious payments, and Japanese corporate governance is awful. [The Economist]
  • People who speak languages without a future tense tend to save more. Would be interested to know if Korean is considered a language with or without a future tense. (It's kind of both.) [PRI's The World]
  • Small business will not save the economy. Just ask Italy and Greece. [Think Progress]
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  1. How does Korean not have a future tense?

  2. I studied Japanese corporate governance a little in my last semester of law school. The situation is so bad that the involvement of yakuza probably makes it better.

  3. I first dislocated my jaw while vomiting up some bad scallops. Now it happens frequently when I yawn, sometimes 3 or more times a week. If it locks down, take your two pointer fingers and push down on the back molars while pushing up the front of your jaw with your thumbs (they will be outside your mouth, near your chin)- this will rotate it back into position. You can do this yourself, painlessly.

  4. Adeel -- it does have a future tense, but there are times when a present tense form can indicate a future tense, when the event in the future is definitely happening. For example, 나는 내일 부산에 간다 is a perfectly grammatical sentence.

    Paul Downs -- Thanks. That will definitely come in handy at some point, at this rate.


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