Thursday, March 13, 2014

SXSW Day 1 Notes

Hello AAK! readers! The Korean is reporting live from Austin, Texas. He will periodically put out his own impressions of his travel, reviews of showcases and interviews with Korean artists performing at SXSW.

For up-to-the-moment view of the Korean at SXSW, please follow his Facebook page:  Below is the Korean's impression from Day 1 at SXSW.

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The direct flight from D.C. to Austin is a small jet, with four passengers per row. It is so small that everyone is required to gate-check one's carry-on luggage. I notice at least a dozen guitars in the large carts for check-in luggage. This is a flying can full of artistic talent. I feel giddy.

On the way to my hotel in Austin, I run into an In-and-Out burger. I become jumpy with excitement; I have not had America's best burger for more than a year. I roll into the drive-thru and order my usual: animal style double-double with whole grilled onion, with animal fries. The order-taker is impressed: "That's a real California-style order right there." But when I was checking into my hotel with my bag of In-and-Out, I see a couple of girls holding bags of Whataburger. I gotta try that too. The burger, not the girls.

Walking around the streets of Austin, I feel life and energy of the kind I could feel in the hip streets of New York and Seoul. Food trucks are everywhere, and they emit fantastic aroma. People are looking good, and they are in a good mood. This trip is going to be great. I can feel it.

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  1. Whataburger - seriously eat it.....I love it as much as In n Out. Could never live anywhere there isn't a Whataburger.


    thank you


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