Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Today, TK Learned:

... that Drunken Tiger is your best pal when you are working late.
  • Want to keep up with daily headlines from Korean newspapers in English? Try this out. [KEI]
  • Why can't U.S. and China just be friends? [East Asia Forum]
  • The damn dirty hippies protesting Wall Street could learn a thing or two from the Tea Party: "... while they were quietly seething, the tea-party movement was showing America what democracy actually looks like, pushing their candidates forward and holding them accountable." [The Economist]
  • Speaking of damn dirty hippies, the Maoists in China are praising them as proof that capitalism does not work. So good job, hippies. [New Yorker]
  • The Korean has a pretty low opinion of the-whitest-of-white-shoe law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, but even he would not have thought that S&C lawyers would simply abandon its client on death row. But S&C did hire a former Solicitor General to fix its errors. [New York Times]
  • Here is a "Super Person" -- a homecoming queen, 4.0 student, student government treasurer, and the kicker for the varsity football team. Surely, she is dead inside. (One advice for our Super Person -- please don't attend University of Colorado to play football.) [New York Times]
  • Outsourcing has come to this: outsourcing wombs to surrogate mothers in India. [New York Times]
  • Should we capitalize "black" or "white" when referring to ethnicity? The Korean says no. [DCentric]
  • Next person who says Americans can work just as hard as illegal immigrants will get a print version of this article thrown into his face. "‎"Six hours was enough ... for the first wave of local workers to quit. Some simply never came back and gave no reason. Twenty-five of them said specifically, according to farm records, that the work was too hard." [New York Times]
  • ... so let's put inmates to work instead of illegal immigrants! The drecks of our society must surely work harder than an average American, right? #facepalm [Marginal Revolution]
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  1. I thought you might say something about Steve Jobs, he's all over the news and my facebook feeds.

    RIP Steve Jobs

  2. Here in China, the protests in New York look a little eerily familiar. In China they fought their own government. In the US, Big Business owns the government.


    Michael Moore was at the center of this about 3 weeks ago, and a few years ago with his movie, "Capitalism" .. Instead of Capitalism, he was in favor of Democracy, a dichotomy millions failed to understand.

  3. Those articles about Americans being lazy always hits me right there in the heart. As the saying goes, "Work is not a four letter word."


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