Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Today, TK Learned:

... that the sun is starting to set rather early.
  • In 1970, 80 percent of the countries had conscription. In 2009, only 45 percent did, and many of the countries reduced the length of the service. [Volokh Conspiracy]
  • Tasha / Yoon Mirae is selected as the 12th best new female emcee. [MTV Iggy]
  • Texans generally are ok with giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students. [New York Times]
  • Decent wines are now being produced in China, but there may be "wine racism". [Polish Wine Guide]
  • What is in the proposed free trade agreement between Korea and U.S.? [Department of Commerce]
  • Check out some great places near you. For Washington D.C., it's U Street. [American Planning Association]
  • Deng Xiaoping is very important and very underrated. A must-read if you want to understand contemporary China. [The Nation]
  • Why do they need a hungry muppet on Sesame Street when they already have Oscar who lives in a trashcan? [Reuters]
  • Karaoke in Koreatown is looking for "fragile" and "EXTRA THIN" hostesses. [Jezebel]
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  1. I find it a little amusing that t/Yoon Mirae/Tasha Reid is considered new, since she's been performing for at least 15 years (I'm not sure whether she was performing before Uptown in '96), but I guess she might be new to a global audience.

  2. RE: China and "wine racism"

    Yeah, how about "wine snobbery"? This seems to happen every time the wine snobs realize that countries outside of Europe can grow grapes and ferment them. In no particular order: America, Chile, Australia, Argentina, etc. All these places were sneered at at one time or another.


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