Monday, August 29, 2011

How do You Grow Hair Quickly?

Dear Korean,

I've been an English teacher working here in Korea for 7 months. The other day I was casually remarking to a friend of mine about how quickly my hair grows and that it's almost a nuisance getting it cut every 3 weeks. She then said there's a Korean myth about people whose hair grows quickly but she wouldn't tell me exactly what it is. Do you know what she's talking about or is she just making it up?


She is not just making it up. In fact, she is being rather polite by not telling you.

Here is the myth in Korea about quickly growing hair -- thinking about sex all the time makes one's hair grow faster. Although not explicitly stated, this applies mostly to men.

Instead of Nogaine, maybe just watch a lot of porn?

But how could it be possible that thinking about sex leads to hair growth? The only theory that has even a whiff of plausibility is that thinking about sex leads to increased level of testosterone, which leads to hair growth. At any rate, Koreans generally recognize this as a myth -- just something funny to say. If anyone tried to make a serious case for the myth, Koreans would also point out the countervailing myth: i.e., baldness is a sign of male sexual prowess.

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  1. I've also heard my Korean co-workers say that when someone's skin is breaking out, it means they've fallen in love.

  2. That's an adorable theory, except it's Testosterone that leads to Sexual thoughts/obsession, not the other way around (One is actually a chemical. Can you guess which one?). The cryptic Korean science is just picking up on a correlation but f'd up the causality.

    Besides, who notices another person's hair growing fast? Who says that??

  3. lol someone told me that if you think about sex you'll get pimples because of all the hormones -_-

  4. The cryptic Korean science is just picking up on a correlation but f'd up the causality.

    For a guy who runs a book review site, your reading comprehension is terrible. The post clearly states that it is generally recognized as a myth.

    Besides, who notices another person's hair growing fast?

    T's friend, clearly. Also, my hair used to grow very, very fast, to the extent that I needed a new haircut every 2.5 weeks when I was in middle school. People noticed.

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  6. Puahaha thats so funny. people always say that for fun! basically if you're hair grows fast they say you've had a lot of μ•Όν•œμƒκ°~ hahaha...I think it's totally for jokes..nothing serious..and I remember my mom said that to my brother once just to give him a hard time, but really it's nothing big. I really don't know where one could get "cryptic Korean science" f'ing things up. what the fuck man. no one said it's science. it's like you're trying so hard to make something so negative out of nothing.

  7. having two myths that make opposite points is pretty convenient. The book of Proverbs in the bible also occasionally contradicts itself.

  8. 21 tiger - right on the money, testosterone is a sexual hormone that is responsible for more sexual behavior (and more aggressive behavior as well ). It also is a leading cause of early baldness in men.

    As for girls, they need to increase biotin intake for their hair to grow. Usually if your body does not absorb enough nutrients, including biotin, iron, and vitamin B12, it shows. Vitamin deficiency leads to hair thinning.

  9. Testosterone causes baldness in men.

    Worried that you're losing your hair? No problem! Just cut off your balls!

  10. I hear this one at least once a day. It's a handy thing to allude to when the students don't adhere to the proper haircut guidelines, as well.

  11. Meh myths die hard though.....

    Every so often I get told about fan death when I go to bed in China.... and its not even a Chinese myth its a second hand Korean thing!

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