Friday, December 17, 2010

The View From Over Here has an excellent summary of her recent visit to the House of Sharing [나눔의 집], complete with pictures. The Korean encourages everyone to take a look.  A sample:
Sunday I had an amazing opportunity to visit the House of Sharing in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do province, about 45 minutes from Seoul. This is a house where women who survived sexual slavery by the Japanese military during Japan's military expansion into the rest of Asia before and during World War II. ...

The women, who were 80-90% Korean, were given Japanese names, usually flower names, and each woman's name was placed on a wooden placard on the wall which is quite similar to menus in a Japanese restaurant. When a woman was unavailable for a day due to illness or other reasons, the placard was turned over, just as a sold out item would be in a restaurant.
House of Sharing (나눔의 집) [The View From Over Here]


  1. Thanks for the link, Korean. Thanks to you and some others who have linked me, the post has already (after only 12 hours) become the most popular post of all time for my blog. Thanks for helping to get the word out and I hope that all your readers in Korea will get the chance to go on one of the tours of the House of Sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing that blog post Korean.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link. Hearing about what these women went through makes me feel sick to my stomach. More people need to be made aware of these women's stories. By the way, the 1991 drama "Eyes of Dawn" is an excellent drama (a classic) that deals with what comfort women went through during this period.

  4. I've been there before.

    Very sad place.


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