Sunday, May 09, 2010

When the Korean's friends plan his bachelor party, everyone gets together on time at Las Vegas, we all get drunk, gamble money away, make deposit into some ladies' college fund and generally have a good time.

When the Korean Fiancee's friends plan her bachelorette party, they bicker about where to meet in New York, can't agree on the dress code, engage in catfights and backbiting among the bridesmaids until they separately narc one another to the Korean Fiancee.

Who's awesome? Men are awesome.


  1. Well, I had no backstabbing or bickering among bridesmaids (or the female guests) at my wedding. They're all my good friends and wouldn't trouble me like that. Sounds like just a problem with those particular friends. Some men are awesome, some women are awesome. A lot of people are not so awesome, sadly.

  2. Um... my bachelorette party was planned to a T--coordinated by a girl in Aus, my sis in America, and my best girl pal in Korea (two of whom had only met in person once before the day)--with no catfighting or backbiting at all.

    Min Gi's bachelor party almost didn't happen because one guy wanted to go to Busan to the Russian Juicy Bars (which was too expensive for everyone else), my brother had never been to Korea before, and Min Gi forgot to tell people about it until an hour before it happened.

  3. that's hilarious,haha..

  4. Well... getting a bunch of women to agree on something is a little like herding cats... that's not just my opinion there ppl so don't hate.

  5. I am disappointed in the Korean. He just wrote a very sexist post. I will pray for him.

  6. deposits into college funds, hmm? :P


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