Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ask a Korean! Wiki: How to Tease a Korean Woman

Dear Korean,

I'm a white boy dating a fabulous Korean girl. She calls me "Oppa" in a exaggerated whiny voice when she wants to annoy me. I need to get her back... any advice on how to annoy this girl? Nothing seems to work.

White Men Can't Tease Korean Girls


Tell her you will call her parents and tell them she is dating a white guy. That'll straighten her up real fast.

Readers, any other ideas? Please be funny, not offensive.

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  1. Ajummmaaa...

    Either that or enjoy your American beef burger...

    Make a comment on the size of other womens boobs while you're out. That get them no matter where they're from.


  2. 1. Hang out with older Korean guys
    2. Call them "hyung"
    3. Constantly refer to them as ___ hyung in conversation with her

  3. Easy: Simply ask for 밥, 국, 김치, and 삼겹살 at every meal, like most Korean ajusshis I know.

  4. Say something about how kimchi smells bad. ;)

  5. If she wears luxury name items (Burberry, Gucci, Coach, etc) tell her you're impressed at how her knockoffs look almost like the real thing. :)

  6. Tell her her legs look like big 무우.

  7. Tell her to say "Won't." Worked for me.

  8. Give a piece of candy. That's what I always give to a whining child.

  9. If she's Korean American, tell her about your previous girlfriends, Yuki, Liling, Kumiko, and Joo Hee.

    If she's Korean Korean, tell her you really like her tan.

  10. Call her Jib Saram... My wife doesn't like it. You can also try Ajuma.

  11. Her: Oppaaaaa

    You: Eggie yaaaaaaaaa

  12. Noona - I saw a drunk guy get screamed at for calling a server this. She was livid. This was in Hongdae a few years back. She told him in Korean that she was only 20 and he was much older than that.

  13. Tell her she's fat. You want to play mind games with a Korean American gal? Go to:

  14. he should say to her, "Why can't you be more like Koo Hara?!"

  15. If she's Korean Korean, tell her you really like her tan.

    As a naturally tanned American, you Koreans have to understand that if you consider darker skin to be an "insult," it goes both ways - don't get offended when we talk about how ugly typical Korean features are - flat nose, small eyes, big face. It seems that Koreans acknowledge that pale skin is super prized in their community but don't seem to really call anyone out on it or do anything about it. Well, you can't have it both ways - don't get upset when we talk about your unattractive features and don't tell our friends that it is wrong when they laugh.


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