Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vote for LiNK!

Dear Korean,

I'm a Korean-American who has been reading your blog for about a year now. I noticed that you post a lot on the issue of North Korea and the human rights crisis there. This is an issue that I care about as well, and I was wondering if you could put a link to Pepsi's contest to support the Liberty House project ( Liberty in North Korea is in the running to win $250,000 to help resettle North Korean refugees and provide them with assistance. I believe you can vote everyday until February 28. Thank you.

Theresa L.

Go forth, readers, and vote! 

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at


  1. For the one that don't want to receive mail from Pepsi, register with a 10 minutes email.

  2. hey tellos. just wanted to clarify that pepsi doesn't send any emails. they just need your email to verify that you're an actual person voting.


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