Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is disturbing - 27 percent of Americans and 23 percent of Koreans said they would prefer being with their pets than with their significant other on Valentine's Day. The Korean thinks Valentine's Day is a dumb, made-up holiday, but shouldn't people like their significant other more than animals regardless?

The world is becoming a crazy place. People prefer human relationship over the relationship where the other side cannot talk back.


  1. Stupid answer to a stupid poll.

  2. I wonder what the pets have to say about Valentine's Day.

  3. No, People are NOT crazy. Its something the Illuminati writes to control the humanity.

    You will always hear such stories in mainstream media, so that humanity remains disconnected from core family values and they make citizens depended upon government than family.

    We need to ask first. How do they make people go to war. Are they crazy. How much land an army guy own for that matter. how many korean's own land in Korea to say i fight for the mother land. Everything is controlled by the government.

    Please don't get misguided by these stories. It is designed to unsettle and make you vulnerable. Its Psychological warfare.


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