Friday, January 22, 2010

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Korean Men in NYC -- Where Y'all at on Friday Night??

Dear Korean,

Simple question, where do single korean men hang out in NYC? Where can i meet them ? :)

Geraldine J.

Dear Geraldine,

That's a hot girl name. Fellas, where should Geraldine go tonight?

As to the Korean himself, he will go home to his fiancee and watch the Lakers at Madison Square Garden with a nice glass of Merlot. 

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  1. Geraldine,

    I think it depends on the kind of Korean guy that you're looking for. I know a lot of Korean folk in NYC. Some are at (Korean) clubs, others at shows, some at norebang, and others are at church. Some are still at the office too (consultants, bankers, some lawyers).

  2. QiRanger, no, soju is for Saturday.

    Apparently all the single Korean men are out partying instead of sitting around and reading this blog.

  3. hey Korean, I have a request for you. please check your email :) I am really sorry if I am giving you trouble.

  4. I would hope most Korean men are wreaking havoc in all the neighborhoods around the city, but if you want a high concentration, I recommend the usual Ktown bars: Circle, Maru, or Third Floor.

  5. Hi; indeed it depends on the type of Korean men you are seeking... if all that matters is that they're Korean then Hiro on Fridays,Circle,K-town noraebangs.

    If you're looking for sophisticated and affluent Koreans I'd suggest going to non-Korean upscale clubs (SL, Avenue, 1Oak, Top of the Standard)there will generally be a couple Korean guys in the crowd and quality is better than quantity plus there's less weeding out. Besides, since there won't be that many Korean girls there either, the guys are more likely to notice YOU and it will be easy to strike up a conversation (only applies if you yourself are Korean). A lot of Korean girls don't get this and they are the ones who will keep meeting accountants from NJ... if you're not Korean just approach the one you have your eye on, ask him if he's Korean which will likely result in a friendly exchange(obviously this wouldn't work at a Korean venue).

    If you're more into the FOB set you can head over to Flushing and hang out in Murray Hill, or anywhere around Northern such as Prince, B3 etc. Good luck!


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