Friday, September 04, 2009

aaaaand the Korean is now out for vacation in Cape Town, South Africa for two weeks. Adios, gentle readers. Behave -- South Africa has internet too, the Korean hears.


  1. Trolls of the interwebz, Assemble!

  2. SA!!!
    (I used to live in Botswana till a few weeks back...)
    Make sure u check out the wine farms...

  3. SA has internet. Even wireless.

  4. LOL~~~~ yes we have internet, but it is a little slower than you may be used to!!!
    Have fun... for some super cocktails at sunset, head off to the Buena Vista Social Club in Greenpoint!!!!
    My uncle has a sidecar business in Camps Bay, its a great way to see the sights driving around in a motorbike with sidecar!!!!
    Cape Sidecars!
    Enjoy my country!

  5. When you come back, you need to post something about that dude from 2PM who was pretty much forced to quit because of the negative comments he made toward Korea/Koreans four years ago on myspace.

  6. His comments were misconstrued. He was a 15-old kid that moved to Korea to train after being accepted by JYP. He posted something along the lines of, "Korea is gay" on his Myspace, not as a homosexual comment, but as youngins used it these days. But the usual insane mass of netizens translated it literally and crucified him for it. AAK should write about the crazy fans in SK instead =P


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