Thursday, October 09, 2008

Koreans are trying to become more open to adoption.


  1. Although it's remarkable that the government is trying to somehow address the issue by encouraging Korean couples to adopt more, I think their efforts should be concentrated in another direction.

    Trying to keep wishful parents overseas from adopting Korean children isn't probably in the best interest of the little ones. Instead, improve sexual education in schools, specially contraceptives and support single moms who choose to keep their children.

  2. I couldn't agree with ksoje's comment more. After reading Norimitsu Onishi's article, and nonetheless, published by a Japanese person, one has to read between the lines. Norimitsu Onishi and NY Times are responsible for this biased article; perpetuating that adoption is "a problem, a stigma." Clearly, it isn't. Shame on people who are so insensitive as not to be able to love children for the miracle they are. I'm a Japanese journalist and what an embarrassment for this article to be released by my people! Norimitsu Onishi should have investigated further, done the extensive research, presenting different perspectives. And that is what separates the intelligent journalists from the amateur journalists. Shame on him, a laissez-faire approach, which I'm sure he didn't think about the consequences of his actions. Misinforming his readers. I have to applaud ksoje and this individual's comment for being insightful, intelligent, and possessing critico-thinking skills.

  3. journalist101,

    if you are trying to be serious, you make no sense; if you are joking, it's not very funny.


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