Friday, October 10, 2008

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Korean Food

Dear readers,

Would anybody like to help out Stephan?

Dear Korean,

I moved to Seoul a few months ago to start a new job. Unfortunately due to a lack of an eating partner, I've been forced to eat out at Kimbap restaurant every other night. Although I've learned to read Hangeul, I have yet to fill out the vocabulary to put it to any good use. Do you have any tips on websites that list different types of Korean food accompanied by an English translation? I've found a few dishes by trial and error, but the more elaborate dishes are still a mystery.

Hungrily yours,


The Korean knows the minders of various Korean food blogs frequent AaK!. The Korean could have simply replied in an email, but now is the chance for Korean food blogs to show off on this blog. Go nuts.

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  1. This isn't my blog but I found this one helpful. Especially if the poor guy is always eating at the gimbap place anyway. And the other entries on the website are good too.

  2. 어허~ Haven't you watched DJY? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. This isnt my blog either, but its really good.

  4. Here's a place where you don't need to know Korean to eat BOMB food....Chili Chili (Mexican food)

    There is one in Itaewon (across for Noksapyong Station) and one in Gangnam.

  5. Funny you should ask. I just posted a link on my site this week (Thanks to the stumbling engineer).

    It has the top 102 Korean food names with the name written in Hangeul, transposed using the Roman alphabet, then a description of the food in English.

  6. Joe beat me to it. I was going to post a link to that list too. It's not perfect, and some of it is laughable (부대찌개), but for now it's a good guide.

  7. Try the facebook group Orange Restaurant Goers. Full gimbap chain menu in Hangeul, transliterated and with English meanings. My friend just posted it yesterday. Work in progress.

  8. If all else fails there is a Korean lady names Maangchi who has a youtube channel that shows how to cook and teaches us foreigners how to cook. Very sweet lady and very helpful!

  9. I have an idea! He could just bite the bullet and learn how to read Hangul. It's pretty easy.

  10. He said he can read hangul, but it doesn't help if you know an item is called bu-dae-gigae, but you don't know what the hell bu-dae-gigae is made of.

    If he's in Seoul I suggest he look around. Plenty of places have either English translations on their menu, or photos of the dishes they offer.


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