Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Korean always knew Beijing Olympics would be messed up to some degree, but this is really fucked up.


  1. So what ? Is that really important ?

  2. Yeah, I'm not sure why people are getting all crazy about this.

    We got a civilians getting pummeled in Georgia, women in miliatry getting brutally murdered in the US with the public being told that it was suicide , etc etc
    and you're gonna get rowdy over this? I just don't think its a big deal, but feel free to explain otherwise

  3. I agree that this is not a big deal in comparison to the more serious conflicts currently taking place in the world, but it definitely is a telling story in that the incident poignantly reflects on China's lack of morals and principles on a lot of things from their tainted products to civil rights. The Beijing Olympics is supposed to showcase their economic might to the world, but I cannot truly buy into their BS if they resort to trickery and deceit to achieve it.

  4. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/13/AR2008081303898.html

    That article I think sums up why many people - America especially - found the whole lip syncing affair so awful. If this had just been a concert featuring Chinese artists that lipsynced, I doubt there would've been a peep. But this song was not about singing a song - it was about singing a national ode to represent China. As the article says, "the lip-syncing episode taps a deeper suspicion about China's authoritarianism and groupthink. Lip-Syncgate seems to expose the iron hand behind the smiling faces in Beijing."

    Basically, if China's government is willing to hide something as 'unimportant' and petty as a song sung by a kid - just how far would they be willing go to hide something actually "important?"... which inevitably leads to the question of, "Just how many other unsavory things is China hiding from the world?"

    The fact China tried to hide the switch pretty much says they knew what they were doing something "not good." The ruckus isn't it about lipsyncing - it's about the Chinese government being lying to tip every little thing in China's favor.

    I bet China's gymnastics team age controversy isn't helping either...


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