Monday, August 11, 2008

Ask a Korean! News: How about a Cheeseburger Instead?


Gwangju North Police arrested Mr. Park (age 30), who boisterously protested that his hamburger did not contain ham, on the charge of disturbing business.

Mr. Park is suspected of causing a disturbance for 20~30 minutes at A hamburger chain restaurant, owned by Mr. Cho, in Gwangju Buk-gu on the 10th at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., claiming that he purchased a hamburger which was made poorly because it lacked ham and sufficient lettuce.

Mr. Park claimed at the police station that he purchased a hamburger at Mr. Cho's restaurant at 1 p.m. and observed that it did not contain ham. Then he confirmed the mistake in the production by purchasing an identical product at the same chain restaurant nearby.

To this, Mr. Cho stated "I apologized because there is a possibility that there isn't enough lettuce and ham could be missing, but I had no choice but to call the police because Mr. Park was interfering with business by causing too much disturbance.
Original Dong-A Ilbo article here (in Korean.)

[The Korean's note - normal Korean journalistic practice is shown here, e.g. not revealing people's first name for petty crimes, indicating age, etc.]

To its credit, the Korean used to live near this deli in New York that put ham in a burger. And it was delicious. And there is a chance that this burger chain in Gwangju did have ham in its burger. Does anyone know?

But the Korean cannot resist....

햄버거에 햄이 들어가면,
칼국수에는 칼이 들어가고,
왕족발에는 왕이 들어가고,
붕어빵에는 붕어가 들어가고,
엄마손 만두에는 엄마손이 들어가겠네?

The Korean apologizes for the jokes in Korean, but this is something the Korean refuses to translate. It's just not funny in English.

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  1. ew - now i won't be able to eat mandu for a while...

  2. 닭똥집엔 닭똥.
    hey, there's a post for you.

  3. Hahahaha!

    What, you mean there's not 왕 in 왕만두? I feel ripped off, feeling all peasant-revolt-ish every time I ate it!

    (I can hear the news announcer now: "And in other news, a shortage of royal-blooded victims has driven the market for 왕만두 into the ground...")

    Seriously, folks, you can't get better than 식인종 humor. Or maybe those are vampire jokes. ;)


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