Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Korea beat U.S. in baseball. Good thing that the Korean mostly does not care about baseball, or he might have had to choose the right allegiance or something.

Aside: Deadspin comments are always priceless. Choice comments:

This was an embarrassing effort - the US played with no heart and no Seoul.
that's it, michael phelps is starting pitcher tomorrow.
Fucking bullshit! I'm going outside to vandalize some Hyundais and Kias.
Looks like the U.S. dogged it on the field and the Koreans just ate us alive.
Wait, wait, wait: There's a SOUTH Korea?
Should've brought in Kevin Correia to pitch. Minds would've been blown.
"You dumb turd box. You never beat Benny! I'm Korean, fool. What do you got, baseball? I got Kimchi, bitch!"
A BONG pitched for the Koreans!!! The US team should have hit the BONG better.


  1. I wouldn't qualify this as an upset. I strongly believed Korea was the favorite in the match. Its team is composed by players from their major league while the American team only has minor leaguers.

    Actually, it was too close for comfort. 8x7, with 2 runs scored on the bottom of the 9th inning...

    We'll be lucky if we get a bronze in this tournament.

  2. LOL...

    I am Miguk in Korea and I very, very, very slightly care about baseball.

    This was the first time in this Olympics that I was given a head to head rooting choice and when I came across the game on TV I found myself rooting for team USA.

    Until I changed the channel because Olympic baseball is every bit as boring as professional baseball. Got the score a few hours later and since I think this rules the US out of contention, I'm rooting for Korea from here on out.

  3. ksoje's right, 8x7 is a tiny win margin considering the US time was all minor leaguers. If Korea plays an awesome game then they might medal but a gold or silver is a definite no.

  4. As a Korean American living in the U.S., it's always a dilemma whenever U.S. and Korea engage in any sporting event, though I must honestly admit that I can't help but lean toward Korea in the deepest part of my heart. In these Olympics, however, I find myself going all out (and then some) for the U.S. in every event lest that China kick our ass in the medal count. Thank God for Phelps to cash in on the gold, but I can't believe how China manhandles everyone else in gymnastics and diving.

  5. I was born in Korea, raised in Brazil and have been living in the US for the past 6 years. It's strange to me that you guys even have to think about which side to take in a sporting event. I'm Korea all the way and always have been. Hell, I was rooting for North Korea against Brazil the other day in women's soccer!


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