Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Chuseok!

Today is August 15 in lunar calendar, which makes it Chuseok in Korea. Chuseok is essentially a harvest festival, and the traditional food is songpyeon, a half-moon shaped rice cake with sweet stuffing inside.

For most Koreans, chuseok is remembered as a time for traffic jam, as most people in Seoul who are not from Seoul return to their hometown in their cars. The Korean's trip to the Korean Family's hometown, a breezy 1.5 hour drive in most cases, becames an epic 6 hour journey during chuseok.

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  1. Dear: Korean Man

    I really like this 'Korean' guy name Jun, I've always seemed to attract K-guys who are mostly shy, since I'm shy, and this guy I like dresses in what he calls 'Ulzzang Fashion', its cute, he just recently moved from Seoul with his family and he's going to the same college I'm going to. But hes been talking about Marriage and being with me, but we've only been dating for about 5 month. His older brother Shin 'seems racist, making jokes about my cooper skin color and I'm language, and such. But its as if Jun is trying hard not to lash out at him, him being the younger brother and all. His parents keep buying me presents and try to get his older brother and me 'Alone' together, but I usually stick close to Jun's side. But ever since they found out I'm full blooded Native American, the older brother Shin has been chasing after me, buying stuff, flirting, try to ask me on dates, his parents...yeah. But one thing I like is how Jun hasn't changed toward me, I told him I'm not ready for Marriage yet because I'm only 20 and my family would freakout getting engaged to someone I'm just getting to know and him being Asian, but my mom likes him so it doesn't really matter. But his family's driving me CRAZY! Their friends stopped by my moms place, bribed her and dropped off Hahm gifts, two wooden ducks, and They even ordered me Hanbok with traditional hair clips and tried to get me fitted =.='

  2. Hi I'm rhona, i had an exboyfriend a korean one we dated for a bit and broke up since his parents tokd hin don't date a girk with a kid. But we like each other, we just decided to let go of each other...

    How come that it's their korean ways...


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