Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl!

The Korean is more of a college football fan, but it's a big day so why not?

Super Bowl XLI is meaningful for the Korean Family because this would be the first Super Bowl that the Korean Father would ever be watching. The Korean Father loves sports, but could not get into football because 1. there is no pro football team in LA, 2. the rules are too complicated. But over the last year's bowl season, the Korean taught the Korean Father how to enjoy America's most popular sport, and the Korean Father now loves football.

Mr. Goodell, (the NFL Commissioner if you didn't know,) the Korean really hopes you would hear this somehow. Do you want to spread football to other countries? Then bring a fucking franchise to Los Angeles. Do you know how many Koreans are Dodgers fans because Dodgers brought Chan-Ho Park? (The Korean hates him because he's an overpaid prick, but that's a different story.) Do you ever wonder why there are 1.6 billion Houston Rockets fans? Currently Pittsburgh Steelers is probably the only NFL team that any Korean knows because Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward is half-Korean. A hypothetical LA team would naturally recruit heavily on Asian and Hispanic population to appeal to the local demographic, and eventually people in Asia and South America would be watching football! It's that simple! Scrap that NFL Europe bullshit, it's not gonna work.

(If you think there is no Asian American football players to be recruited, think again. The current NCAA career passing yardage leader is Timmy Chang from University of Hawaii. One of USC's starting tailbacks is Emmanuel Moody, who is half-Korean. As there will be more Asian Americans in America, there will certainly be a rise in Asian American football players.)

At any rate, this game will be fun. The Korean Father wanted to make a wager with his friend, so the Korean advised him on the bet. Here is the Korean's pick - Colts 24, Bears 21.

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-ADDENDUM: 02/08 9:02 p.m.- Reader Lester M. directed the Korean to the presence of Dat Nguyen, who was an All-American middle linebacker at Texas A&M and played for Dallas Cowboys from 1999 to 2005. Honestly, this is the first year that the Korean ever watched or cared about pro football, and Nguyen's collegiate career was before the Korean's time. But nonetheless, the Korean salutes to Dat Nguyen, who overcame the "undersized" label many times over to become a prolific linebacker.

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