Monday, November 29, 2010

The Korean has a lot of reservation about this whole WikiLeaks thing, but one thing is for sure -- it is very enlightening. And unlike with other countries, maybe -- maybe -- the disclosures regarding North Korea might have a positive effect. They seem to show that China has a private disdain for North Korea, which will drive North Korea even more paranoid and unreliant on China.

Here is New York Times' collection of North Korea-related information from WikiLeaks.

Leaked Cables Depict a World Guessing About North Korea [New York Times]


  1. According to one cable, diplomat Chun Yung-woo predicts that a new, younger generation of Chinese leaders “would be comfortable with a reunited Korea controlled by Seoul and anchored to the United States in a benign alliance.”

    What exactly does "anchored to the United States in a benign alliance” mean? Sounds to me like China will cooperate with reunification only if the US military agrees to leave Korea entirely, i.e., a "benign alliance." So I'm guessing that continued US military presence in Korea will be something to be negotiated between China and the US, with Korea having very little say.

  2. That is fairly reasonable. The Korean thinks perhaps U.S. could agree to not positioning its troops further north than where they are now. Of course this is no more than rank speculation.


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