Monday, December 21, 2009

J. A. Adande about Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles:

As much as the sports landscape is his, he also belongs to Los Angeles. ... The reason Kobe formed such a bond with this city is that he represents its most unappreciated trait: hard work. Far below the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles is a place of predawn call times on the set, of hard labor at the port, of manual labor and legal wrangling. And the constant in Kobe's career has been his effort.

The Korean is just feeling a little nostalgic right now because of the crappy weather in New York. Regular blogging will resume soon.


  1. "... crappy weather in New York."


  2. This is bullcrap nonsense Korean. I know damn well your fiance, being the good korean american new yorker girl that she is, would absolutely love a romantic white christmas. And last time I checked, you let it be known with complete seriousness that she *owns* you.

  3. Above comment assumes that she doesn't have to *shovel* (and get her ass beaten by her dad if she doesn't). <--this is literally what happens to me, and daddy's tool of preference for a beating stick is a 3-iron. Alas, the poor chap that I am...

  4. Snow is nasty. It gets hard and dirty after awhile.

    Wow... that sounded nasty too...

  5. Slow day without MH comments, eh?

  6. Oh, so you have noticed that your hit meter has spiked, eh?

    But still... the fact remains... you'll eventually have to grab her by the hair, caveman style, and bring her to sunny LA so you can send your kids to the great and mighty ABC School District!


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