Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bill Clinton! In North Korea! To defend his wife's honor! Actually, to get the two reporters out.


  1. But I thought he was only into fat chicks?

  2. I don't know why people even bother about north Korea which is thousands of miles away, why no cries for north Koreans who died in the hands of Japanese invasion of the Korean peninsula, why no cries for north Koreans who died in the Korean war.

    The whole Korean land is a victim first of imperial aggression and then of cold war chess games. both suffered equally in some degrees.

    yeah, i know, we all know that right, but just cant help it.

  3. ohh and if you like a Korean, which i do, you have to like both north and south Koreans, they share the same history, same food, same language, same culture, ohh same GENOME structure for science geeks except that south has a more outer covering of Americanization which is ofcourse not the reason we like korea, its their culture.

    So please stop this political division which is like a calender changing often according to seasons and like whole of Korea as one.

    I know, we all know this, but cant help it.

  4. I like North Koreans, Sunil. So much so that I am seething with anger over the outpouring of sympathy for these two who endangered the lives of would-be escapees and other DPRK citizens.

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