Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Based on implicit association test, Korean college students were found to be significantly more racist than non-Korean college students.

In other news, water is wet.


  1. I've become aware of the emphasis on English earlier in the average pupil's like. I don't know when that trend began in Korea, but I wonder if these college students have not had the benefit of English instruction by foreigners. My point is, I hope that by association with foreigners at a younger age the racism might lessen and the pupil matures and learns more. I don't know how you cure racism except by exposure to other cultures, and that doesn't happen often in Korea, right?

  2. roboseyo wishes to salute the Korean's brave stance for truth about fan death, and wonders why Koreans were so upset about mad-cow beef, when the much more serious dangers of cigarettes and electric fans were being exported from america to Korea by the boatload.

    for more reading on ANOTHER kind of fan death...

  3. Here's a question; why do all the cases of "fan death" occur in Korea only?


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