Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun New York Times article that confirmed almost everything the Korean wrote about why Korean Americans are poor tippers.


  1. I tip because it's the norm in this country and also because I don't want to find a booger in my plate the next time I go to the same restaurant. Honestly, I can see no justifiable reason why I should pay a hefty amount of money to people who are doing nothing but performing a job for what they are being remunerated by their employer.
    This whole tip thing should disappear, in my opinion. Why do we tip waiters while we don't tip our lawyers? Why do we tip cab drivers while we don't tip the person who sells us groceries?
    Yes, I understand the difference in the compensation between a waiter and a lawyer. I just don't understand why some services require tips and others don't.

  2. I, too, loathe tipping because I feel pressured to tip in spite of the service that more often than not range from terrible to mediocre at best. Don't get me wrong, I am eager to tip generously to those that work hard to make my dining experience as pleasant as possible, but such servers are a rare find compared to the majority that do half-ass jobs and expect a 15% to 25% of my bill as if it's their God-given right to collect it. I say that we get rid of the tip policy, pay the servers a slightly higher wage than the minimum, and make tips optional so that they'd be more motivated to earn it. Just my two cents.

  3. well, now the Korean sees where all the poor-tipping Korean Americans come from :)

  4. "well, now the Korean sees where all the poor-tipping Korean Americans come from :)"

    The few and the proud. :)

  5. The irony is that despite my opinion, I'm a good tipper.

  6. I actually like the tipping culture. In Korea, it frustrated me that I couldn't throw my penny at their poor service. I think of it as our way of buying the "last say".

  7. Nuna rarely tips. If Nuna does, it's to offset EFTPOS transaction fees, or because she can't be arsed scraping off the final few cents off the plate into her wallet. Oh, and of course, if the service was really good and Nuna enjoyed the experience. Having said that, Nuna is glad she lives in a pinko commie socialist unionised state, where people know their rights, or at least know someone who knows their rights for them.

    Nuna reckons the whole "must tip or else waiting staff will starve" thing is a scam. US federal laws state the owner must make up the difference between the minimum wage and the base wage if there was not enough tips to cover it:

    Nuna suspects that if there were any overtaxed and underpaid staff, it was due to them not knowing about their rights.

    Know your rights, people!

  8. Having been a waiter back in college, I must say Koreans and black are the worst tippers in the world; the latter of which I think is the worst of the two.

    For example, my aunt who happens to live in a 2 million dollar home won't tip more than 15%. Is this reasonable behavior considering she has a 2mil home, a benz, a rolex, and other things that classify her as a upper class? I simply think it's unacceptable for people who have that much wealth, but cant take of others who are less unfortunate.

    I don't know. Am I missing something here?

  9. @miguk chonhnum:

    I don't see why waiters, waitresses and other less than generously compensated workers are entitled to your aunt's hard earned money.

    What's the logic on that?


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