Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ask A Korean! News: Kimchi Porkchop

New York Times had an interesting article on the dining section - some adventurous soul made kimchi porkchop. Of course, she had to be a pansy and add white wine and honey to tame the kimchi flavor. Weak sauce.

The idea of combining kimchi and pork is nothing new, actually. Kimchi, with its palate-cleansing sour taste, goes very well with meat or fish with a lot of fat. For Koreans, roasted kimchi often accompanies grilled pork belly. Kimchi also goes very well with tuna, a fatty fish.

It sounds a bit odd when the writer refers to kimchi as a condiment. The Korean supposes there is no other good way to describe it, but equating kimchi with something like ketchup is simply blasphemy. But to each her own.

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  1. Sounds yummy!!

    There's a popular donkatsu place in Osaka famous for their kimchi donkatsu. People wait in line to get their kimchi donkatsu fix.
    Although the kimchi didn't taste like typical korean kimchi, it was the best donkatsu I ever had.

  2. Kimchee strikes me as a more of a salad or vegetable than a condiment.

  3. Kimchee != ketchup. But of course, we'll all have to forgive this non-Korean writer for making such an amateur mistake.

    It's a side dish that's actually greater than other side dishes. I have (and I'm fairly certain every Korean, at some point in his or her life, also has) had many meals of rice accompanied only by gim and kimchi. It's healthy, it covers at least two food groups, and well, it's all ludicrously simple to make (maybe not the kimchi, but my mom taught me how to roast gim, and rice cooking is ridiculously simple these days).


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