Thursday, December 14, 2006

Our First Fan Mail!

It's a truly momentous occasion in Ask A Korean! history. The Korean received a fan mail without any question attached to it! Here it is:

Dear Korean,

As an American girl married to a Korean boy (raised in Korea until age 14), I absolutely LOVE your blogspot! According to my husband, he's finished a major study in relation to amount of mean-ness vs. body mass. Apparently the Korean woman is only second to the wolverine! :D From what I hear from other ajumah I have met, this is most likely so...but I'm blessed with probably the only wonderful Korean Mother-in-law in the world.... honest!



Thank you Cordelia, your support is very much appreciated. Next time, however, please include the citation for that wonderful study done by your husband! The Korean cannot wait to read it. And your mother-in-law is wonderful? Have you also tried your luck in lottery tickets?

The prize for the first fan mail ever was going to be some spicy Korean lovin', but I see you're already getting plenty from your husband. Still, if you are ever in the New York area, drop a line to the Korean and we will arrange something. Hopefully the Korean Girlfriend won't be looking.

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