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Korea-Japan and the End of the '65 System: Series Index

This is the index for the series about the '65 System, the South Korea-Japan relationship that began with a series of bilateral treaties in 1965 and began unraveling in 2019.

Korea's Nine Years of Darkness: Series Index

This is the index for the series about South Korea's nine years of conservative rule, which ended in the impeachment and removal of Park Geun-hye.

Part VII - Epilogue & the Lessons  

Learning Korean Language Series Index

This is the index for the series about learning Korean language.

Part I - Recommended Books and Methodology
Part II - Reading and Writing Hangeul
Part III - Grammar: Classificational Particles
Part IV - Sino-Korean, Numbers, Counters, Telling Time

Somewhat unrelated, but useful:

How the Korean Learned English, and the Best Way to Master a Foreign Language.

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Military Service Series Index

This is an index to the series on Korea's mandatory draft, and how it affects Korean society.

Part I - Mechanics of Military Service in Korea
Part II - Life in the Korean Military
Part III – Korean Military and Korean Society

Here are additional posts about Korea's military draft:

Do Naturalized Citizens Get Drafted?

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The Sewol Tragedy Series Index

This is the index for the series about the Sewol ferry accident.

Part I:  The Accident
Part II:  Causes and Contributing Factors
Part III:  The Fallout

Related:  Culturalism and the Understanding of Culture

Sewol Tragedy, One Year Later

Korean Names Series Index

This is an index of posts dealing with Korean names.

Why are there so many "Kim"s in Korea?
What are different clans within a Korean last name?
How do you create a Korean name?
What is my Korean name? 
Why do Korean siblings have similar names? 
Is Name Change Common in Korea?

Friday, February 27, 1998

Korea-Japan Relation Saga Index

Because of the popularity of this series, here is the full index.

Part I: Overview
Part II: Korea and Japan in Pre-Modern Times
Part III: Japan's Occupation of Korea during World War II
Part IV: Korea and Japan after World War II
Part V: How Contemporary Korean Nationalism Shapes Korea's Attitude Toward Japan Today

Currently, the most robust discussion has been occurring Part III. However, please read the entire series for the whole context.

Other posts relevant to the past history Korea and Japan:

Japanese Defense Minister Denies the Existence of Comfort Women
A Look into Imperial Japan’s Rule over Korea
Japan Pays 99 Yen Pension to Former Forced Laborers, and the Godfather offer that Japan should make.
Korean and Japanese Scholars Issue Joint Statement on History
Japanese Prime Minister Apologizes for the Colonial Rule
A Look Into the House of Sharing, the Memorial for Comfort Women
Japanese Finance Minister Denies the Legality of War Criminal Conviction
Story from a Former Comfort Woman
Lies by Imperial Japan Apologists

Translated Articles by Joo Seong-Ha Index

This is the index for the translated articles by Mr. Joo Seong-Ha, a defector journalist who was formerly a North Korean elite. The accompanying dates are the dates when the translations appeared on this blog, and not the date of the original article.

Commentary on North Korean Missile Launch (April 6, 2009)
Two Prescriptions for North Korea's Nuclear Weapon (June 3, 2009)
On Euna Lee and Laura Ling (August 9, 2009)
Do the Right Thing, No Matter How Much You Hate Kim Jong-Il (August 31, 2009)
Acclimation of a North Korean (November 14, 2009)
Starvation in North Korea (November 29, 2009)
North Korean Jokes (January 9, 2010)
Direct Cellphone Connection to North Korea (January 17, 2010)
Should Aid be Given to North Korea? (January 31, 2010)
Lunar New Year in North Korea (February 14, 2010)
Currency Reform in North Korea - Part I (February 23, 2010)
Currency Reform in North Korea - Part II (March 03, 2010)
On ROKS Cheon-An Sinking (April 19, 2010)
Being a Power Blogger (May 16, 2010)
North Korean Soccer - Part I (July 13, 2010)
North Korean Soccer - Part II (July 24, 2010)
North Korean Soccer - Part III (August 4, 2010)
Kim Jong-Il Spurns Jimmy Carter (August 28, 2010)
The Guardians of Kim Jong-Un (October 6, 2010)
Ground Level Reactions to Kim Jong-Un (December 4, 2010)
North Korean Riot in 1998 (January 26, 2011)
Can North Korea Democratize Like Egypt? (February 15, 2011)
Kim Jong-Il's Visit to China (May 23, 2011)
Using Kim Jong-Il's Picture as Target Practice (June 8, 2011)
"Journalism" in North Korea - Part I (October 14, 2011)
"Journalism" in North Korea - Part II (October 31, 2011)
"Journalism" in North Korea - Part III (December 1, 2011)
Blinking Red Light on North Korea (December 3, 2011)

Sunday, February 01, 1998

50 Most Influential K-Pop Artists Series Index

This is the index for 50 Most Influential K-Pop Artists Series.

See more of the Korean's reviews on the Library Mixer.

Criteria of Influence

Introduction & Brief History of K-Pop

Just Missed the Cut -- Part 1
Just Missed the Cut -- Part 2

Tier 4 - Notables
50.  Pipi Band/Pipi Longstocking [삐삐밴드/삐삐롱스타킹]
49.  Clazziquai Project [클래지콰이 프로젝트] 
48.  Dongmulwon [동물원, "Zoo"]
47.  Solid [솔리드]
46.  Deli Spice [델리 스파이스]
45.  Girls' Generation [소녀시대]
44.  Yoon Do-Hyeon [윤도현]
43.  Leessang [리쌍]
42.  Jang Yoon-Jeong [장윤정]
41.  Yoo Seung-Joon [유승준]
40.  Lee Seung-Cheol [이승철]
39.  Lee Mun-Se [이문세]
38.  Yoo Jae-Ha [유재하]
37.  Lee Sora [이소라]
35.  Tae Jin-A [태진아]
35.  Song Dae-Gwan [송대관]

Tier 3 - Strong Impact
34.  Dongbangshinki [동방신기]
33.  Kim Jong-Seo [김종서]
32.  Patti Kim [패티김]
31.  Kim Min-Gi [김민기]
30.  Sinawi [시나위]
29.  015B [공일오비]
28.  Deux [듀스]
27.  BoA [보아]
26.  Jaurim [자우림]
25.  Panic [패닉]
24.  Lee Seung-Hwan [이승환]
23.  Shin Seung-Hoon [신승훈]
22.  Kim Chu-Ja [김추자]
21.  Lee Seon-Hee [이선희]
20.  Crying Nut [크라잉넛]
19.  Kim Wan-Seon [김완선]
Tier 2 - Best of an Era
18.  Kim Hyeon-Sik [김현식]
17.  Kim Gwang-Seok [김광석]
16.  Jo Seong-Mo [조성모]
15.  Kim Geon-Mo [김건모]
14.  Park Jin-yeong [박진영] 
13.  Nah Hun-Ah [나훈아]
12.  Rain [비]
11.  Lee Hyo-ri [이효리]
10.  Drunken Tiger [드렁큰 타이거]
9.  Shin Hae-cheol [신해철]
8.  Deulgukhwa [들국화]
7.  Han Dae-su [한대수]
6.  H.O.T.
5.  Sanullim [산울림]

Tier 1 - The Mount Rushmore
4.  Lee Mi-ja [이미자]
3.  Jo Yong-pil [조용필]
2.  Seo Taiji [서태지]
1.  Shin Jung-hyeon [신중현]

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