Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye 2018, and Happy New Year 2019!

It was a big year for me, although you wouldn't know it from the blog. But in real life, my career made big strides and I produced more writing than ever. Oh, and there is now TKDaughter2 in addition to TKDaughter1. That seems important.

Here's a look back at the most popular AAK! posts of 2018.

Most Popular Posts of 2018 (All-Time Posts)

1.  Counting in Sino-Korean [Link]
2.  Becoming a Doctor in Korea [Link]
3.  World's First Alt-Right, from Korean Politics [Link]
4.  Meaning of Korean Last Names [Link]
5.  Gift Ideas for Koreans [Link]

Most Popular Posts of 2018 (Written in 2018)

1.  Busan, as Depicted in Black Panther [Link]
2.  Shin Jung-hyeon, the Most Influential K-pop Artist [Link]
3.  Another One for Tiger Parenting [Link]
4.  Nine Years of Darkness under Conservative Rule Part IV, the Darkest Moment [Link]
5.  Reasons to be Hopeful about North Korea [Link]

Experiencing the big changes in my life in the past year made me realize how much I love writing--and it is all made possible because readers like you keep reading my stuff. My heartful gratitude for reading this humble blog. Truly, it is you who make everything possible.

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