Friday, November 20, 2015

The 2016 NK News Calendars are Here

As long time readers may know, this humble blog has shared long time friendship with NK News, the finest source in English to get the news about North Korea. One of the proudest moments of running this blog was inspiring NK News to begin Ask a North Korean!, an honest and revealing look into the country that is so opaque from the outside.

Here is one way you can support NK News: buy their gorgeous North Korea calendar.

From NK News

For the readers of this blog, NK News has something special: enter the discount code "askakorean" to get 30 percent off on your entire shopping cart. You can buy the calendars here.

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at

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  1. That's a great blog! Wish the writer allowed comments, but I suppose she has her reasons.


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