Sunday, March 23, 2014

SXSW Leftover Notes: The Artists

- It is a crying shame that Idiotape and Glen Check ran into visa issues, and could not play in more offsite venues. Those two bands have the most translatable music in the U.S. market.

- Personally, I feel that Glen Check has the most superstar potential. They already carry themselves like superstars: confident and charismatic.

- I really want Hollow Jan to succeed. Speaking with Hollow Jan was an intense experience, as if speaking with a slow-burning, red-hot pile of coal. Though their music is not mainstream, most people are sold when they see Hollow Jan perform live.

- Jambinai may end up being more successful outside of Korea than within it.

- Right after YB's show someone threw (new) panties and bra on the stage.

- No matter who you are and where you are from, it is impossible to not like Crying Nut playing live. Never doubt Crying Nut's ability to deliver a great show.

- Same is true for No Brain. Korea's two oldest punk rock bands got that way by being incredibly excellent. I was one of the fans who became disaffected of No Brain after its guitarist Cha Cha left in 2002. But seeing them live, all was forgiven.

- Big Phony is the gentlest, more genuine person in the world. Contrary to his songs, girls must be throwing themselves at him. If they are not, something is wrong with the world.

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  1. I'm 100% behind your observations about the bands. I'll see if I can throw some girls at Big Phony in case he's lacking when he plays in LA this spring.

  2. No notes on Love X Stereo? I'm curious as to what kind of reception they're getting back home. I feel like people here just ate them up. The music gets you moving, Annie is a beautiful and talented front-woman, and... English. My God it's in English.

  3. Ah, that's why we heard so little about IdioTape. I think you're probably right - although I have fallen madly in love with Dguru and the obvious joy he takes in the music, I don't think they project the kind of in-you-face persona that Americans respond well to. I'm hoping for a trip to S. Korea late next year, and it will be partly scheduled around seeing them play, somewhere, sometime (and G*Star). It's not quite going to the ends of the Earth for IdioTape, but it's close.


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