Saturday, December 07, 2013

North Korea 2014 Calendar from NK News is Here

If blogs could be friends, Ask a Korean! would be hanging out with NK News all the time, watching KBO baseball and knocking back some Taedonggang beer (as seen in the Economist.) And when the holiday season rolls around, the two blogs would exchange gifts.

Unfortunately, blogs can't be friends. So you, the Ask a Korean! reader, can receive the gift from NK News instead! NK News unveiled a gorgeous 2014 North Korea calendar, showcasing a glimpse in the life in North Korea. And just for Ask a Korean! readers, NK News provided a special discount code:  at the check out, enter the coupon code "askakorean" to receive $5 off.

The proceeds will support NK News, one of the best English language blogs about North Korea. With your help, the awesome features like Ask a North Korean can continue. Happy shopping!

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  1. I looked all over the web and couldn't find ANY suitable South Korean calendars (almost all are K-pop related). Any suggestions for a nice scenic/cultural South Korean calendar?

  2. The picture for July is highly artistic. The way how the smoke on the background doesn't match the clothing and expression of the woman, I mean. And when I talk about not matching, I'm talking how unusual it is. Not only it opens many questions, but the picture, the vision itself is so original, so unique! Reminds me of Satoshi Kon and his interestingly weird and attractive work.


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