Friday, October 28, 2011

Today, TK Learned:

... that it is beginning to get awfully cold.
  • Korea stands ready for a potential currency crisis. [Financial Times]
  • Japan is doing a lot better than you think. [Naked Capitalism]
  • But China might be doing worse than you think. [China Law Blog]
  • Read this if you are even thinking about getting into law:  “I thought about being a lawyer. You know, Dad, I really love you. But basically you help big companies that did it get off the hook.” [Above the Law]
  • You will be surprised to find which cities are the fastest growing cities in the world. [Foreign Policy]
  • Here is late Prof. Derrick Bell's interest convergence theory in action: the OWS protesters are mostly white, formerly middle class folks who never really cared about inequality until they themselves began receiving the short end of it. The poorest 10% (which is overwhelmingly comprised of minorities) will benefit from whatever OWS gets, but only to the extent the 89% is satisfied. [New York Times]
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  1. Shorter version: investors are so desperate for any opportunity, that 2% growth in a week right now would probably lead to orgasms. BTW, the US passed 2% in the 3rd quarter - I guess all is well. Or, any currency that isn't the Swiss Franc or the Dollar has its possibilities. It must be getting really tough for business reporters to find good news to write.

  2. Firstly, it's clear even from the NYT's vantage - which was jaundiced from the beginning - that the Occupy movements are adapting to both internal and external criticism, which is more than be said of Congress right now.

    Secondly, OWS might be the first movement since Dr. King, Jr.'s - when it looked like King and Malcolm X would join forces - right before his assassination to confront these issues from the Left. It's not so much that OWS is struggling with these issues, but why has it taken this long?


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