Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today, TK Learned:

Here is a new shameless gimmick item -- a quick list of articles that the Korean read. For the Korean's Facebook friends, most of the links can be found on the Korean's Facebook wall. Will the Korean be able to stick to it, or will it meet the fate of the last shameless gimmick item, which is yet to see another installment? We'll see.
  • Chang-Rae Lee won Dayton Literary Prize for The Surrendered. Congratulations! [KoreAm]
  • Andrew Cohen of The Atlantic has a similar view on death penalty as the Korean. [The Atlantic]
  • The way a trader thinks is "different from a human being" because a trader always sees the bright side of the recession. [New York Times: Dealbook]
  • Democracy roughly correlates with gender equality. [The Economist]
  • More federal crimes mean The Man hardly needs to prove anything to put you in prison. [Wall Street Journal]
  • An economist thinks Korea has the lowest chance of currency crisis in Asia. [Yonhap]
  • "Bosses think their firms are caring. Their minions disagree." [The Economist]
  • Baby pandas are very cute. [Dong-A Ilbo through Reuters]
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