Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AAK! PSA: Superstar K Auditions in New York

Exciting news for all the K-pop fans in America -- you can now audition to be a K-pop star! Below is the press release from Mnet.

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Mnet (, the only television network targeting fans of Asian pop culture, has announced that for the first time New York will be the site of the U.S. auditions for Korean TV megahit Superstar K Season 3 – an international singing competition that is scouring the world for top talent to bring to Korea this summer. Being held in New York City on June 25th at THE TIMES CENTER ( on 41st and 8th Ave., the auditions are open to anyone regardless of age, race or music genre, who will be given the opportunity to try out on the spot.

Superstar K (SSK), the television phenomenon that captured an audience throughout Asia, is the most watched cable show in Korean history. Season 1 attracted 720,000 contestants worldwide, and Season 2 drew a record breaking 1,350,000 contestants. Season 3 is returning with the promise of larger prizes and greater opportunities for the winner, including a cash prize of 500,000,000 Korean Won, approximately $500,000 US dollars. This season, contestants who pass the final round of the U.S. audition in New York will receive a round trip air ticket to the Superweek in Seoul, Korea. Accommodations and meals will be provided throughout the Superweek. SSK will also be responsible for the cost of training, accommodations and meals for the top 10 finalists until the contestant is eliminated.

Following the theme of diversity, SSK3 has incorporated some welcoming changes, including featuring special guest judges in addition to the three main judges, in order to provide diversified professional opinions to the emerging talents. In regional auditions, more guest judges are added to lend a different perspective and fairness to the viewers and contestants.

Unlike the previous seasons, SSK3 is now open to solo artists and groups. To cater to artists with instrumental talents, SSK will provide various instruments such as keyboards, drums to contestants so they can fully demonstrate their potential during the auditioning process.

Superstar K Season 3 premieres August 12. For more information about the U.S. audition and application details, visit

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