Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This is exciting. Hank Conger, the first Korean American to be a first-round draft pick in 2006, hit his first major league home run for Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Apparently Conger's grandfather named him "Hank" after Hank Aaron.


  1. Do you think Conger had a tiger mom? Haha, I'm just being snarky.

    Good catch! Do you know if there have been any other Korean-Americans in baseball? You mentioned Conger is the first KA first round pick, but I don't recall a single Korean-American player before him. Perhaps he's the first KA player?

    I know there have been quite a few Asian-American players, but they are usually of Japanese descent.

  2. Hey Eugene there has been a handful of korean/Korean-american MLB players. Example shin soo choo (추신수) chan ho park (박찬호) who was actually the first Korean born player in the MLB.

    @The Korean, does this affect your affiliation with the dodgers?

  3. Eugene,

    Actually, that's a good point -- not sure if there ever was a KA player. But a lot of baseball players get drafted and never make it out of minor leagues, so there is a good chance that there were former draftees who were KAs.


    Eugene is probably thinking about Korean Americans, as opposed to Koreans from Korea like Choo or Park.

    As to affiliation, heck no. If a world class douchebag like Chan Ho Park was not enough for the Korean to abandon his Dodgers allegiance, Hank Conger is not going to be enough. But the Korean does wish Conger the best, and will follow him closely.

  4. @Anon... yea I was talking about Korean-Americans, not Koreans. Conger looks like he might be the first Korean-American in the majors, but I could be wrong.

    Other Asian-Americans I can think of off the top of my head would include:

    Kurt Suzuki, Mike Nakamura, Dave Roberts, Tim Lincecum, Lenn Sakata, and (Bruce Chen, if you allow Asian-American to include Asian-Panamanians).

    So, most of the ones I can think of are Japanese-Americans... that's all I was saying.

    1. I think Wendell Kim was almost the first. He probably broke some barriers in coaching as well. I saw him play AAA in Phoenix in the late '70s. He was really a pioneer. We lost him earlier this year.

  5. TK,

    could you develop the subject of CHP being a world class douchebag?

    I only know him as a ball player, and not his personality, so I'm curious.


  6. Basically, he treated the LA Korean Americans like shit the whole time he was with the Dodgers. Then he came crawling back when injuries wrecked his career at the Rangers.

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  8. Korean - do you know anything about Conger's family? Is he half Korean? How did he get the last name Conger? Thanks.

  9. I'm interested in the surname "Conger" as well. I hadn't ever come across a Korean surname that was more than one syllable before. Is this a native Korean surname, and how common is it? And what is the correct pronunciation; is the "g" hard as in "gold" or soft as in "giraffe"?

  10. Hank Conger is a 3rd generation KA. His father took the surname Conger when he was adopted by his american uncle at the age of six. Both Hanks parents are of korean descent so he is not half.


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