Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seo Taiji has been married for ten years

I can't close my jaw. I will be in shock for the next 24 hours. If you want to talk here, feel free.

-UPDATE- For those who do not know the magnitude of this story, here is the equivalent scenario:  Suppose the news broke that Michael Jackson died by suicide. But turns out, he actually has been dead for 10 years and no one knew about it. AND turns out it was Brad Pitt who handed him the pills and sobbed at Michael's dying moments 10 years ago. That's how ridiculous this story is.


On the phone...

TK:  Seo Taiji has been married in America for 10 years!
TK Wife:  To a guy or a girl?
TK:  To a girl!
TKW:  He could still be gay.


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  2. i was wondering if you were going to comment on this!! so glad you did- this is SO SCANDALOUS! what are your thoughts on their legal situation? should he just pay her what she is demanding? (i think around $6 million...) i mean, they DO have 2 kids together!!! yowza.

  3. Apparently, the "two kids" bit was false -- Lee Ji-Ah's statement said they have no children together.

    Sounds like this became public because they could not agree on the terms of the divorce. If I were Taiji, I would have just paid the money before it came to this.

  4. K-pop never fails to surprise me )) Just when you think that a k-pop star won't be able to sneeze without the netizens noticing... wow...sneaky. On the other hand, all these oops-leak-scandals...hmmm... this situation clearly shows that if a high profile celebrity (or even two celebs) really want to keep smth in private, they will.
    A lawsuit over alimony and asset division? Now I wonder which side leaked it...

  5. Answer is: neither side, but slightly on Lee Ji-Ah's side. It was a public litigation, and a news agency figured out that Jeong Hyeon-Cheol and Kim Ji-Ah on the file were actually Seo Taiji and Lee Ji-Ah. They asked Lee Ji-Ah's management company, which confirmed that the lawsuit was theirs.

  6. the new developments clear nothing up and just add to the confusion =/

    I like the cleaned-up site layout btw!

  7. Seriously..and the fact that she's in a relationship with Jung Woo Sung. is this the same girl who had some health problems last year or so? I recall reading articles where she kept saying her legs were giving out for no reason. Anyway, that is sooo strange. I didn't ever have much of an interest in her, but dang.....!!!

  8. also, Mr. TK, your convo with the wifey is HILARIOUS.

    i'm with her :P

    mostly because there were, in fact, no kids. HAHAHAH

    thanks for the updates and your position on the situation. i love it when Kdrama collides with AAK!

  9. I'm reading some of the comments on these articles and netizens are insinuating that this is a story to cover up some of Lee Myung Bak's stock dealings. It sounds like the usual netizen conspiracy theory, but I'll probably ask my dad who just came back from Korea for more info on this.

  10. HAHAHA. I love how everyone who is trying to explain the magnitude of this news is using Michael Jackson and Brad Pitt as examples.

    TK, I do hope to hear your thoughts on the conspiracy theory mentioned by siliconrex. Whenever a major celebrity news breaks out, netizens always like to point out that it's a potential coverup for something happening in the political/economic realm. Honestly though, I don't blame them as there really have been so many dirty dealings in the past.

  11. You forgot the part where Brad Pitt demands a huge amount of money in reparations.

  12. Yeah, couldn't quite fit the money angle when it comes to MJ dying. But MJ getting married is not nearly as shocking as Taiji having been married for 10 years.

    siliconrex and Blue -- the conspiracy theories are garbage. And it is not even that good. There are more totally fascinating conspiracy theories out there.

  13. So their parents and close friends weren't aware that they were married??

    I read somewhere that Seotaiji and YG both made a promise that they wouldn't get married, so I'm guessing even YG didn't know that Taiji used to be married??

  14. Close friends, no. They interviewed two of Seo's best friends in show business, Yang Hyeon-Seok (YG) and Kim Jong-Seo, and neither of them knew.

    Parents, not sure. Seo's mom actually came on TV several years ago and denied her son was married. But not sure if she was sincere, or she was covering for her son's privacy.

    Apparently Taiji and YG made a pact that even if they get married, they will not have a wedding. Actually, YG had a similar thing -- he had been dating a singer in his management company for 9 years, which was made public only because the girl was knocked up and they planned to marry. But hiding a dating relationship and hiding a marriage AND divorce are at two different levels.

  15. What is even more impressive is that this news has already made each of their wikipedia pages!

  16. scan·dal·ous: disgraceful; shameful or shocking; improper: scandalous behavior in public.

    How is getting married scandalous? They got married, they got divorced. Millions of people (at least in the US) do this everyday.

  17. This left me speechless even if I'm not Korean or even asian and I'm into k-pop only 2 years and heard about Seo Taiji just awhile back... but I realize that he is LEGEND in Korea and K-pop world and what impress me the most is the ninja skills that this couple has!! Such a legend can fool netizens (who we all know that Digital Korea can compete with FBI and maybe win xD )and hide such an important thing as a marriage. As far as I've read, there are no kids, but if they come out and finally admit the kids, I have to say that I've lived and see everything!!


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