Thursday, March 10, 2011

This BBC survey is very interesting -- it asked people from different country whether a given country's influence in the world was positive or negative. The most interesting part for the Korean? 68% of Koreans believed that Japan has a positive influence in the world, while only 39% of the Japanese believed that their country has a positive influence in the world. (At p. 10.)


  1. You trust something from the BBC? The BBC is a state sponsored propaganda channel. It makes China's CCTV and NK's KCTV look fair and balanced!

  2. Interesting how Koreans collectively see Japan in a more positive than Japanese themselves see their country.

    I'll be trotting this one out for a while.

  3. @The Chinese Guy:

    I'm not sure what particular agenda the BBC would be advancing with that report.

    Just because an organization is biased does not mean they are incapable of performing a mathematically solid survey. Indeed, that's the beauty of math-- if the survey is constructed and executed properly, it doesn't matter who's financing it.

    Now, you can get into discussion about if questions are loaded, but that's not evident from the article.

    What intrigues me: Why do the Ghanans like the DPRK so much more than any other nation surveyed?

  4. British cyncism is deeper than that... in that you should never trust statistics unless you falsified them yourself.

    The BBC uses dodgy maths as well to support its agenda.... it's been playing washington monument syndrome for ages.


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