Monday, March 14, 2011

Just look at the way Lee Sora owns the crowd in this video with her voice:

This is music, boys and girls.


  1. YB seems to capture the crowd pretty well on the same competition. Different effect, but watching ajummas rock out is pretty wild.

  2. They really needed Drunken Tiger on that show. Jeong Yeop doesn't belong.

  3. I wouldn't go as far to say Jeong Yeop doesn't "belong" - it would be nice to have a more diversifired genre of music in the show, though what they had in the first episode was quite nice, too. There's many ways to sing, and as long as you're able to move the audience with your music, I say you've got real talent.

    I'm just wondering how long the show will hold out till they "run out" of viable singers for the show - that, and, hoping that the show has better editing skills when the singers actually sing. Otherwise, I'm all in for this.

  4. The best comment about the show that the Korean has seen: "They should follow this up with a show called 너도 가수냐 and trot out all the idol groups."

  5. She is a great singer - she surely is.

    Sarcarcism felt from the last statement, though. I don't know why.
    Perhaps this is the reluctancy of TK to accept current music trend? Haha

  6. There are so many singers I would like to see go on this show, and Drunken Tiger is definitely one of them. Wishful thinking, but it would be pretty legendary to see Jo Yong Pil, Seo Taiji, or Patty Kim on the show. Never going to happen, but a girl can dream, right? I'd have to disagree with your statement that Jeong Yeop doesn't belong, although I'd have much preferred to see his other half, Naul, on the show instead.

    I share your disdain for idol groups (actually, more for the concept, and not the groups themselves), but there are a handful of genuinely talented "idol" singers out there... just too few and far between.

  7. Lee Sora was even more amazing yesterday with 너에게로 또다시. Unfortunately, I'm a 윤도현 and 박정현 supporter in this show. :D So great to see 박정현 in mainstream Korean TV again after so long.

    정엽, I think, is the least of the 7 singers, but his rendition of 짝사랑 (yes, THAT 짝사랑... '마주치는 눈빛이~~~' 짝사랑) was pretty impressive.

    I personally cannot wait until 이적 decides to be on this show.

  8. 이적 is probably not in the top tier of Korean artists, but he can mingle to a degree. Just salivating at the thought of seeing 김연우 on this show.
    Also, although unlikely, would love to see Rumble Fish. Love her voice!

  9. Just finished watching the last episode, and the Korean must disagree -- Lee Sora coasted a little bit. Not a ton of strength poured into the song. If she sang it like she sang 이제 그만 in her 6th album, she would have totally owned it.

    박정현's voice is so incredibly annoying. Hope she loses soon. 윤도현 always knows how to put on a freakin' show no matter what he does.

    The next guy HAS to be a rapper. If not Drunken Tiger, then Leessang. If they must choose among the "가창력" singers, Kim Dong-Ryul will be good too.

  10. I'd love to see Tiger JK on the show, but because of the challenge format of the following episodes, I kind of wonder if a non-singer emcee could really last all that long. As such, perhaps his talented wife, T, would be a better match for the show's format. She's been active just as long and is certainly one of Korea's best rappers in addition to being an award-winning R&B singer.

  11. :D We're definitely going to have to agree to disagree, because while I'm a fan of 박정현, I can definitely see what you mean about her voice (I guess it doesn't annoy me as much).

    If it's gotta be someone from the hiphop scene, I really hope 윤미래 gets chosen.

  12. Thank you for making me cry 1st thing in the morning TK. =P I was moved.


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