Friday, March 25, 2011

AAK! PSA: Documentary about Comfort Women -- Free Screening This Saturday

There is a free screening of an award-winning documentary about Comfort Women this Saturday in Seoul. Here is a press release:
From: The House of Sharing - International Outreach Team

What: FREE Documentary screening of “63 Years On”, the story of ‘Comfort women’ – the film is in
multiple languages with English subtitles. There will be a speaker and group discussion after the film.

Date: Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Where: Dongguk University, 90th Anniversary Commemorative Munhwa Gwan (Cultural Center), Deok Am Seminar Room, 1st Floor (How to get there: Dongguk University Station (Line 3), Exit 6. Go up the escalator and follow the road until you see Lee Hae Lang Fine Arts Theater. It’s the building on the back side of the theater)


Following contact information NOT for print copy (only for interview or questions for print purposes):
Contact: Shannon Heit
Tel: 010.4534.1553

Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm



‘Comfort women’ tell their story in a documentary film

The documentary film, ‘63 Years On’ will be shown at a free screening at Dongguk University, 90th Anniversary Commemorative Munhwa Gwan (Culture Center) on March 26th, 2011. This is an opportunity for both the Korean and International communities to further engage with the ‘Comfort women’ issue and to support the continuing fight for justice. A brief Question & Answer session will take place after the film, an opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts on the film.

In this film, award-winning Korean director Kim Dong Won presents the harrowing experiences of 5 international survivors of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery during WWII. The very personal telling of their experiences is supported by excellent research and archival footage to create a powerfully honest, determined, and often heartbreaking documentary. While this gripping film may evoke great sadness and anger, the bravery displayed will truly inspire all who see it.

The House of Sharing’s International Outreach Team works to raise awareness of the issue of Japanese military sexual slavery and to support the survivors in their on-going struggle for historical reconciliation and justice. The team is composed of both foreign and local volunteers who lead English tours at the House of Sharing and works to highlight the continuing crimes against humanity in the form of sexual violence during war that women and children across the world continue to experience.

This screening provides a window to an episode of Asian and International history which has been willfully ignored by so many for more than 63 years. You are invited to join the House of Sharing and show your support to the survivors who continue the fight for justice.

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