Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Absolutely incredible video on getting a haircut in North Korea, among other things.

Of course, much of what is shown is a facade put on by North Korean in Pyongyang, but it is pretty incredible regardless.


  1. What?! You get a face massage with the Pyongyang Style? I want one!

    But seriously, I actually wonder: I have never lived in a country that really needs propaganda. I suppose you get the occasional borderline thing everywhere, but nothing like this sort of stuff.

    What I wonder is how people in North Korea react to it. That is, to such an out-and-out denial of the reality that they have experienced throughout their lives. Then again, I suppose this video doesn't make any promises about food or personal property; just the subway system and the existence of haircuts.

    Scary nonetheless.

  2. Everytime my wife and I are in Korea and she is getting a hair cut, I get my hair washed, and head massage, best thing ever.

    p.s of course I don't wash my hair only when I in Korea :D

  3. I always have this mixed reaction when watching these glimpses into North Korean life. Everything seems so foreign yet so familiar at the same time, especially the people - the hanboks, the language, certain gestures.

    It kinda feels like some computer (a la the matrix) tried to recreate the Korea I know but couldn't quite get the details right. Like the women in hanboks walking through the subways just seemed so surreal to me. And then I remember my maternal grandparents, who now live in Orange County here in Southern California, were both born just east of Pyongyang in these small villages and they could have been walking the same roads I'm looking at in some of these videos, and my mind really gets fucked.

  4. I didn't know that North Korea allowed tourists to take pictures without any restriction like that. Did he get a special permit for that? Of course, it must have been limited to the confines of well kept areas of Pyongyang. But still it's quite amusing.

    Can anyone tell me how much that haircut costs? I want that massage!

  5. I agree that watching any video of North Koreans allows me to somewhat relate to them. Due to the nature of the dictatorial regime, the visuals that we all see of north Koreans compels me to feel sorry and compassionate towards the north Korean people.

    Thanks for sharing the video!

  6. I don't speak English. So my question may be a little difficult - to understand. Do the Koreans like the foreigners? Have the Koreans got any ethnic minorities? What do you know about the Koreans living in China? Etc....

  7. I like how the North Korean national anthem has Chinese lyrics at the end.

  8. Eugene,

    What are you smoking? That woman wasn't singing the national anthem of North Korea. She was a tour guide singing a Chinese song for the Chinese tourists on the bus.

  9. everytime I watch these north korean glimpse videos...I always ask myself, what if all of these people are actors who are instructed to walk at 9 to 11 from one location to another wearing certain clothes. The only credible ones are the soldiers standing around. I don't know, sometimes I think they are all a scam.

  10. I am lost. whats so incredible about the haircut? Can someone care to explain?

  11. Thanks for posting my video.

    Just to clarify, the girl at the end is a North Korean tourguide/minder, and she's singing the North Korean Aegukka (love your country) song with Chinese lyrics.

    The haircut cost 2 euros.


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