Wednesday, January 05, 2011

According to Statistics Korea, the official bean counters of Korean government, South Korea's economy is 37.4 times bigger than North Korea's economy. The entire North Korean economy was only a little bit larger than the economy of South Korea's sixth largest city (Gwangju).

남북한 경제력 격차 37배 벌어져 [Dong-A Ilbo]


  1. Gwangju is where I am from. Seoulites arent real Koreans, people from Jeollado are!!


  2. If we are talking about food instead of people, the Korean will co-sign. All Korean food originating from outside of Jeollado can disappear tomorrow and the Korean would not even bat an eyelash. (Ok, maybe one batting of the eyelash for the food from Andong.)

  3. Amazing that N. Korea was actually the industrialized economy before and after the war!


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