Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Very clever -- Daewoo Securities, as a charity event, sold bottles of dirty water out of a vending machine for KRW 1,000 (about a dollar). For each bottle sold, Daewoo will add KRW 9,000 and donate to UNICEF for cleaning drinking water. They are aiming to sell 5,000 bottles, which will amount to KRW 50 million in proceeds after making the addition. Daewoo said they will donate KRW 50 million (around $50,000) regardless of the result of the sales.

구정물을 한병 1000원에? [Dong-A Ilbo]


  1. I think you posted the wrong link. Here's the article on

  2. This could never happen in America. Of course, some fool will drink the dirty water, get sick, and file a $500 million personal injury suit for negligence.

  3. but.. who would buy dirty water? Wouldn't it make more sense to sell overpriced clean water?

  4. Been checking this blog out now for a few weeks. Love it. I am a giant white californian from the bay area that was raised taking Korean Martial arts and hanging out with all races (the Bay Area is cool). Just wanted to say hi and that it is great to see people giving.


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