Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looks like everyone is agreeing with the Korean nowadays...

In Korea, a Model for Iraq [New York Times]


  1. Korean, I think you are forgetting few reasons why South Korea(SK) is very different from Iraq. 1st)SK was a friendly territory for the US troops, there was no roadside bombing etc. 2nd)The locals in general were not the enemy whereas the locals in Iraq cannot be trusted. 3rd)Confucian work ethic and its influence cannot be discounted in SK's rapid development. 4th)President Park's vision. Iraq is more like Afganistan not SK and I have lived in both places so I am speaking from experience. Ultimately, only time will tell but of course many of our men will die in the process.

  2. David, please see the Korean's comment in the earlier, related post.


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