Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Because it was not enough to have cell phone coverage inside the subway and on the mountaintop, Korean telecom companies installed relays on lighthouses so that there will be cell phone reception 50 kilometers (around 30 miles) off the coast.

The logical next step? Waterproof cell phone to be used as a flotation device.

50km 밖 바다에서도 통화 가능 [Dong-A Ilbo]


  1. when are you gonna answer my question about "why does Korea have so many cults/why do Koreans start so many cults?"

  2. I think the next logical step is to extend service into North Korea and to Tsushima on the Korean network. Those might be classified as international incidents though.

  3. Mary, if you can get me some comparative stats or something to work with (to see if Korea really does, versus, say, Japan or the US or Europe), I'll give that question a go.

  4. Was it for the benefits of the fishermen? Or is 50 km too close to the coast to be of use to any South Korean fishermen?

  5. So, does that coverage include Dokdo?


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