Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good job, Taeguk Warriors -- there was nobody in the world who could do anything about Suarez's last goal. They achieved what they set out to do (which was to make it to the knockout round,) and that's good enough. Kudos for everyone.

The silver lining? The Korean does not have to think about figuring out whom to root for in a U.S.-Korea game. Who would have thought those two countries could possibly meet in a game in the knockout stage?

-EDIT- Ok Americans, that was a damn poor showing. How do you keep giving up goals in the first five minutes of EVERY period? Jesus Christ.


  1. Agreed. Fantastic showing. I was hoping to see America make it a little further so that it might generate a little more interest in soccer after everything invested in this media marketing blitz. I think it's worked for the most part though as Americans seemed to get into it. As my friend from Britian says, "Part of the beauty mate, ..., no ecstasy without pain, ..., thats sports for ya, innit? THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT TIME, ..., its in the nature of sport."

    It was good to know much of England was on our side: "The pub in general is riding with SK but there a notable anti-ManU contingent, (Park, Forlan etc), that are siding with Uruguay. I'm gonna bet on a full time draw based on my craply semi-racist view of notions of 'national character' and the issue of gritty resolution. Dig deep SK, dig deep." (with Korea down 0-1).


    Don't even ask me about his English. It's as foreign to me as anything. Might be a Birmingham thing? Haha. The things I would do to have Guus H. back. The defensive breakdowns were a bit irritating, but that one shot was fantastic. Well in four years we'll get to do it all over again. I'm content with a Sweet 16 showing for this go around.

  2. At least the US made an extra $800,000 for showing up in the Best of 16 and Donovan cemented himself as a clutch player.

    Also, Dempsey got the shit knocked out of him all night ... as thuggish as he is, I'm half-surprised he didn't pull a shiv out of his sock and stab someone to death. That certainly would've made the game more exciting.

    As far as the first game goes, it was nice to hear the Uruguay coach admit that after SoKo equalized, he was scared. As compared to Douche McArgentine, who basically just wagged his tail-feathers after the 4-1 victory, stating that Korea was never considered a threat and that the only way they could've won was if Argentina let them.

    Here's to hoping the Hand of God is struck by a stray bolt of lightning tonight vs. Mexico. I'm rooting hard for my South-of-the-Border brothers to do somethin' magical.

  3. I thought Korea should have had that game. If the GK hadn't made such a mistake in the beginning of the game, and the free kick hadn't bounced off the crossbar, it'd have been a totally different game.
    The U.S. game was just disappointing. The team always gives up an early goal then claws their way back. Landon Donovan can't save them every time and the guys in the front need to do better with their opportunities. Defense was a little pourous as well.

  4. So much room for improvement, but I expect them to be better next time.


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