Friday, April 30, 2010

Ask a Korean! Wiki: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Recession? What recession? As long as you speak Korean (and have a few more skills,) there are jobs galore. Here are the two recent emails that the Korean received:

Dear Korean,

I have 10 positions of Korean Speaking Java developers in North New Jersey. Any level will do. Please connect me to a group who is looking for a job.

Vikas S

Marlabs Inc
Ph: - 732 287 7800 Ext 1428
Mob: - 848 248 2136
Fax: - 732 465 0100
Email: - 

 *               *              *

Dear Korean,

I am recruiter with a Japanese recruiting agency currently searching for Korean/English bilinguals with some sales experience for a Japanese food manufacturing company in NJ to promote/market their products in Korean Market on mostly on East Coast. Excellent communication skills in both Korean and English. Must drive. Frequent business trips. Friendly personality desired. Salary up to 45K + benefits. I just cannot find any good candidates this time. Any suggestions what I should do to reach qualified candidates?

Madoka Oya
Actus Consulting Group
Burn them phone lines and email accounts, job searchers!

Are you an employer in need of a Korean-speaking talent? If you have someone who can help with a Korean website, the following are a few major Korean-American sites that accept classified ads. (More suggestions are welcome in the comment section.)

If you have absolutely no Korean help, the Korean actually recommends Craigslist.  The Korean Father's small business often seeks Korean speakers through Craigslist, and it gives a surprisingly decent pool of applicants.

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at


  1. There are still many jobs for good software engineers out there. My friend was hired at Facebook about a year ago, during one of the roughest parts of the recession, and his most fluent language is probably C, followed by Java and then English. So, I'm not impressed that the first posting is for a software job. I do wonder why this company specifically needs Korean speakers.

  2. Iphone apps maybe? As when the Iphone hit Hong Kong there were lots of jobs for Iphone app developers for a while and as we know from the Korean himself the Iphone only hit Korea recently with his sausage post

  3. There are plenty of jobs available for people with the proper credentials.

    My company now has two positions open in SK, one for a database administrator and the other for a network administrator. Both require US citizenship and a security clearance. Pay starts between 70 ~ 80K a year depending on how you negotiate it and what other perks get thrown in.


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