Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here is something for Korean movie fans: Interview in English with Bong Joon-Ho, he of The Host fame -- with a slightly twisted answer toward the end.

(Via Korea Beat)


  1. This is great... thanks for posting. Not a big fan of The Host, but I love Memories of Murder.

    Does anyone know where I can download Mother. I've been looking for it for months (actually, I did download it, but it didn't have English subs)... although I suppose I could just go rent it (or go to a DVD room).

  2. I just saw, Barking Dogs Don't Bite, his first film. Also very good.

  3. Can't wait to see MOTHER. I asked my co-teacher if she'd seen it, and she loved it. She had never even heard of THE HOST, though, and I wasn't sure what the Korean name for it would've been ...

    Of course, she also said that most Koreans think Park Chan-Wook is batshit insane and she loves "Friends," so maybe she's not the target audience for a mutant fish flick.

    I know it's off the subject a little, but is it true? Do most Koreans think Park Chan-Wook is insane and not amazingly gifted like people in the rest of the World sorta believe?

  4. I know plenty of people in the rest of the world who think that PCW is batshit insane. However some of them also believe that he is amazingly gifted.

  5. Most Koreans I know really like Park Chan Wook... I love the guy, but I'll admit I couldn't watch Bakjwi, his latest.

    @Shawn your I can't imagine your co-teacher having not seen The Host... seemingly everyone in Korea has seen that movie! I think it was the first movie to sell over 10 million tickets. The Korean name is Gwoemul.

  6. NY Times' Manohla Dargis just gave a favorable review on Bong Joon-Ho's Mother. It's a "Critics' Pick."

  7. Awesome link!

    @Shawn: Don't a lot of people in general (not just Koreans) think geniuses are batshit in one way or another?

  8. Salon also loves it

    and reviews, with less complete love, two other movies..


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