Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Thomas Friedman column on how Asian immigrants high school students are making up the majority of Intel Science Talent Search.

The money shot:
[K]eeping a constant flow of legal immigrants into our country — whether they wear blue collars or lab coats — is the key to keeping us ahead of China. Because when you mix all of these energetic, high-aspiring people with a democratic system and free markets, magic happens. If we hope to keep that magic, we need immigration reform that guarantees that we will always attract and retain, in an orderly fashion, the world’s first-round aspirational and intellectual draft choices.
America’s Real Dream Team (New York Times)


  1. "[K]eeping a constant flow of legal immigrants into our country"

    Did the U.S. suddenly clamp down on "legal" immigration? At last count, I thought about 1 million people were allowed into the country legally every year. How many other countries are allowing such large numbers of legal residents to become members of their societies?


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